London Premiere Screening: Kabul Transit

Screening Sunday 13th April, 2008

Kabul Transit rejects the usual device of narration and portraiture and asks the viewer to experience Kabul as a newly arrived visitor would by shuttling through the broken streets of the city, moving between public space and private, listening in on conversations, posing questions and probing the darker alleys the mainstream media avoids.

The result is a unique cinematic experience – a shifting mosaic of encounters and raconteurs, captured glances and telling gestures, all beautifully shot and woven together by the music and the sounds of a city sluggishly coming back to life.

Kabul Transit achieves something unusual and arresting; it shows the Afghan capital with a freshness born of apprehension on finding oneself in a place that is at once hauntingly strange and altogether familiar.

Directed and Produced by: Maliha Zulfacar, Gregory Whitmore, and David Edwards
Length: 84 mins
Year: 2007