FULLY BOOKED London Premiere: Four Horsemen

Screening April 27, 2012 7:00 PM

“They’re getting away with all kinds of legal thievery. People are starting to get angry but not angry enough.” So says former World Bank Economist Herman Daly, one of 23 international thinkers who lift the lid on how power elites operate in today’s global economy.

The Four Horsemen charts how the majority of people worldwide have been made to pay for what the filmmakers describe as “the greatest heist in history” and that, rather than a failure of capitalism, this is in fact the system working perfectly.

As the modern day horsemen of socially organised violence, debt, iniquity and poverty continue to ride roughshod over them, is there hope of re-establishing a moral and just society that could improve the quality of life for billions of people?

**IDFA: Official competition for First Appearance**

The film will followed by a live link to Oxford University where a panel discussion will be boradcast to audiences in 10 participating venues. The panelists include:  

Megan Murphy, Investment Banking Correspondent at the Financial Times                     

Dr. Ha-Joon-Chang,  author of the best selling book 23 Things They Don’t Tell You About Capitalism and Reader in Politics at Cambridge University

Tarek El Diwany , former trader and head of the Islamic Finance Department at Prebon Yamane.

Professor David Vines, Economics  Professor at Oxford University, formerly a director of Channel 4, and expert in sustainable financial recovery.

Directed by: Ross Ashcroft

Year: 2011

Length: 97′ 

In association with OXDOX International Documentary Film Season: 27th April- 25th May 2012