Live tonight: Somaliland – Getting it right in Africa

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In May 1991 Somaliland declared independence from the rest of Somalia and over the past 17 years the government there has restored law and order to make it one of the must democratic and functioning societies in the Horn of Africa. Tonight’s debate at the Frontline Club focusses on Somaliland. You can watch it live on the Frontline Club live channel at 7.30pm UK time today (Tues 9 Sept).

In stark contrast to its neighbour Somalia, Somaliland has become an oasis of peace, stability and progress and a haven for thousands of Somalis fleeing from their war-torn country.
Yet Somaliland’s independence and sovereignty is still not recognised by most of the international community including Britain. What are the obstacles in the way of international recognition and is this really the best way forward?
How have the people of Somaliland built such a stable democracy, society and institutions in such a war-torn region and what are the lessons other de facto states can learn from it?

The discussion will be chaired by Chaired by Mike Wooldridge, of the BBC and taking part will be Richard Dowden, from the Royal African Society, Adam Mussa Jibril, a Somaliland representative to the UK, Michael Walls, from Somaliland Focus UK and Edward Mason, an Independent Diplomat.