LIVE tonight: Predicting the crash


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[video:bliptv:1448148] The credit crunch and the role of the media in reporting it are up for debate at the Frontline Club in London tonight in an ultra-topical Predicting the Crash debate. As usual we’ll be broadcasting the discussion on the Frontline Club live channel. We start at 7.30pm UK time tonight (6 November),

In recent weeks, increasing criticism has been levelled at the media over failure to provide adequate warning of the impending economic turmoil, as well as accusations of sensationalist coverage. Did the media fail in its scrutiny? Or are the workings of international finance now so complex and secretive that the media can no longer provide effective oversight?
We ask some of the journalists and commentators who have been credited with providing early warning of the collapse of the markets for their assessment of where the global economy will be in twelve months as well as asking them to reflect on the media’s role in the crisis. link

Taking part will be Paul Lashmar, from the Centre for Investigative Journalism, Gillian Tett, columnist with the Financial Times, Ann Pettifor, author of The Coming First World Debt Crisis and Michael Blastland, freelance writer and broadcaster. If you can’t join us at the club in person, I hope you can join us online.