Live tonight: Karadzic to the Hague

[video:brightcove:1704074804] Live discussion about Karadzic tonight Thu 31st July, 7.30pm UK time from the Frontline Club chaired by Ben Brown (BBC). Joining us will be Ed Vulliamy (Guardian and Observer), Kemal Pervanic (survivor of the Omarska concentration camp), Sir Geoffrey Nice (QC) and Gordana Igric by skype (BIRN). You can watch the event live on the Frontline Club live channel,

Will a trial strengthen the credibility of the ICTY and other similar tribunals and does the Karadzic arrest send a message to other individuals committing war crimes and acts of genocide? How long might such a trial be expected to last and has the ICTY learnt any lessons from the Milosevic trial regarded by many as a something of a farce?

For more information on the discussion see the Frontline Club website.
UPDATE: Here’s the link to recording. Now embedded above…