Live tonight: Countdown to November 4

[video:bliptv:1320615] We’ll be discussing the US Election at the Frontline Club tonight. The event is fully booked, but as usual you’ll be able to watch the event on the Frontline Club live channel if you can’t make it to the club in person. Taking part will be; James Naughtie, presenter of the BBC Radio programme Today, Harriet Sherwood, Guardian foreign editor, Stryker McGuire, contributing editor to Newsweek and Jon Snow, the main presenter of Channel 4 News. We start slightly later than usual at 8.30pm UK time/11.30am PST and we hope you can make it,

The upcoming US election has been dubbed the most important in a generation. Will we see the first female vice-President in the White House, or will Barack Obama become the first African-American President? What are the major issues that will decide the American vote, and what can we expect to see in the final month of the campaign? link

UPDATE: I’ve added the event video.