Live tonight – Kenya one year on


You can now watch the event here.

We’ll be discussing Kenya at the Frontline Club tonight one year after the violence that followed the elections. We start at 7 pm GMT/11am PST Tue 3 March and as usual, if you can’t make it to the club in person, you can join the discussion live on the Frontline Club live channel,

Kenya’s abrupt descent into mayhem after President Mwai Kibaki’s disputed re-election tarnished one of Africa’s most promising economies and badly damaged its tourism industry. And a year on since the UN brokered peace agreements were signed it seems apparent to all that Kenya’s underlying issues are still unresolved. There is continuing ethnic unrest and tens of thousands of displaced persons still living in camps. So have the peace agreements achieved anything or have the country’s wounds simply been papered over? And with a series of corruption scandals over the last few months and the economy in a downward spiral, what does the future hold for this country once renowned for its stable economy and democracy? link

Joining us will be the author Michela Wrong, the emeritus professor of modern African history and fellow of Trinity College Cambridge Professor John Lonsdale, the BBC radio’s Africa editor Joseph Warungu and the writer, newspaper columnist and security consultant Martin Kimani. Channel 4 News International editor Lindsey Hilsum will chair the discussion.