Live tonight – Jacob Zuma and the future of South Africa



Tonight at the Frontline Club we discuss the rise of Jacob Zuma and the future of South Africa and the ANC. We’ll be starting at 7pm, Thurs May 7 and as usual if you can’t make it to the club in person you can join us online on the Frontline Club live channel, on the events page or on this blog.

The panel will discuss the rise of Jacob Zuma against this background and look at the future of the ANC, examining whether the party will remain deeply divided and to what extent will Jacob Zuma will be able to tackle some of the biggest domestic problems facing the state, including policy failures in areas such as health, education and crime? Will he be able to address the fundamental economic imbalance that makes South Africa the most unequal society on earth? And on the foreign policy front how will Zuma and the ANC interact with the power sharing government in Zimbabwe between ZANU-PF (an ANC ally) and the MDC? link