Live tonight – Insight with Rory Stewart


Rory Stewart OBE, the writer and campaigner currently living in Kabul, will be at the club tonight, March 11, to discuss his work with Allan Little. The event is fully booked and if you can’t make it we’ll be streaming the discussion live on the Frontline Club live channel. You’ll also be able to see the event in the video pane above and on the Club Events page. We start at 7pm GMT,

Rory Stewart’s career to date has taken him from the foreign office in London, to Indonesia and Montenegro, to being governor of two states in Southern Iraq, to Kabul and most recently to Harvard. In between he has walked across Iran, through Pakistan and India and on to Afghanistan – arriving just after the Taliban had been toppled. With knowledge of local languages and customs as well as first-hand experience of the people in these countries and a front row seat on the War on Terror, what does Rory think the future holds for Iraq and Afghanistan and is he optimistic about President Obama’s proposed policies for the region? link