LIVE stream tonight: Iraq – A Fragile Sovereignty


You can now what the event here. 
The future of Iraq is up for debate tonight at the Frontline Club with a great panel. If you can’t make it to the club in Paddington, please join in online on the Frontline Club livestream channel where you can register to chat and join in the debate. The main question we’ll be discussing tonight is,

What are the possible outcomes and the details of the agreements determining the US long-term commitments to Iraq as well as the divisions within Iraq itself. Are these agreements an excuse for the US to legitimise a long-term occupation of Iraq or are the Iraqis on their way towards a real, if fragile, sovereignty? livestream link and more info here

And here are the panellists,

Patrick Cockburn, author and Middle East correspondent for The Independent.
Toby Dodge, Reader in International Politics at the Queen Mary University of London and Senior Fellow for the Middle East at the International Institute for Strategic Studies.
Major General John Batiste (via skype), a retired US Army officer who worked with Paul Wolfowitz and helped plan the Iraq war.
Yahia Said, Director for Middle East and North Africa for the Revenue Watch Institute and a Research Fellow at the London School of Economics.
Dr. Ali Al-Dabbagh (via skype) Iraqi government official spokesman.

UPDATE: Here is the archived recording of the event.