Kleptoscope 2020: Fighting corruption in ‘Global Britain’

Talk Wednesday, 25th March, 7:00PM - POSTPONED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE


Our offices are also closed as part of current government public safety regulations. Tickets already purchased will credited upon our return. Stay home, stay safe.

Can ‘Global Britain’ keep fighting corruption? British governments have been at the forefront of global efforts to combat corruption for decades: from Labour’s Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative (EITI), and Bribery Act; to the Conservatives’ beneficial ownership registry, and anti-corruption summit.  Now Britain has left the European Union and is forging a new foreign policy, some politicians and businessmen have called for this focus to be dropped, and for the UK to become a low-regulation “Singapore-on-Thames”.  The Frontline Club’s regular kleptoscope event, hosted as usual by journalist Oliver Bullough, will discuss what politicians, activists, and citizens can do to make sure we remain on our old track.

Andrew Mitchell MP represents the constituency of Sutton Coldfield for the Conservative party. Last year, he – along with Labour colleague Margaret Hodge – introduced an amendment that forced Britain’s overseas territories to open up their corporate registries, in perhaps the most important blow struck against offshore secrecy in years.

Dr Susan Hawley is a highly experienced anti-corruption campaigner and investigator, and is now executive director of Spotlight on Corruption, a new organisation dedicated to keeping dirty money out of the UK. She previously worked at Corruption Watch, where she specialised in tracking UK enforcement efforts.

Tom Keatinge is director of the Centre for Financial Crime and Security Studies at RUSI, Britain’s oldest think tank. At RUSI, he has led research into terrorist financing, human trafficking, corruption and other forms of financial crime. Before joining RUSI, he worked as an investment banker at JPMorgan for 20 years.