Kleptoscope 6: Who Owns London?

Talk Wednesday, 6th September 2017, 07:00 PM

The Frontline Club’s regular Kleptoscope evening asks one of the capital’s most pressing political questions: Who Really Owns London? Hosted as usual by investigative journalist Oliver Bullough, the evening will hear the latest research, analysis and insights into the offshore ownership of property, and its use for money laundering and as a store of value. Is the use of London housing as an asset class by the global mega-rich pricing the rest of us out of our own city? And is it even our city anymore?

Steve Goodrich of Transparency International will share the organisation’s latest insights into the offshore companies that own 40,000 properties across London, and describe his attempts to see behind them and discover their true owners.

Anna Minton, author of Big Capital, will tell the inside story of London’s housing crisis, and lay out who is to blame.

Jon Benton, until earlier this year head of the National Crime Agency’s International Corruption Unit, will talk about why it is so hard to investigate money laundering through property.