Journalists On Assange

Talk Thursday, 20th February, 7:00PM

Julian Assange faces a full extradition hearing on the 24th of this month, in one of the most high profile cases of its type in British courts. If granted, the Wikileaks founder could face 18 indictment charges in the US, including those under the Espionage Act and the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. If found guilty he could receive a potential prison sentence of 175 years.

Public opinion has long been polarised about the best way to handle this case.

As we approach the trial, important voices in journalism gather at the Frontline club to discuss freedom of speech. What is the United States aiming to do in this prosecution, and should the British government be assisting? What are the potential consequences for the future of press freedom?

Creator and presenter of Al Jazeera’s The¬†Listening Post, Richard Gizbert, will¬†chair a discussion with award-winning foreign correspondent Patrick Cockburn.