Investigative Journalism Investigated

Talk Wednesday 27th November, 7:00PM

In a time of scandal and division, the Frontline Club examines the role of investigative journalism in today’s media. Is investigative journalism landing its punches?  How does long-form journalism work in the face of the increasingly reduced attention span?  What sort of journalism leads to change, and what has little impact? What is the future of such journalism?  And, ultimately, do we live in a golden age of investigative journalism or do we need to work out news ways to hold power to account?

Join us for a lively discussion with Tom Giles (Controller, ITV Current Affairs), Clare Longrigg (Deputy Editor of Guardian Long Reads), John Sweeney (journalist, author and ex-BBC Panorama reporter) and Claire Lauterbach (human rights investigator) to discuss scandal and scrutiny in an age of outrage.

Chaired by Iain Overton, Executive Director, Action on Armed Violence.