Insight with Zainab Salbi

Talk Wednesday 14th October, 2009

When Zainab Salbi’s father was chosen to be Saddam Hussein’s personal pilot the 11 year-old’s life was changed forever.
Her memoir Between Two Worlds: Escape from Tyranny: Growing Up in the Shadow of Saddam tells the story of growing up in the presidential household and the arranged marriage that took her to the US.
After leaving her abusive husband, Zainab Salbi set about fulfilling her childhood dream of helping women around the world.
She will be at the Frontline Club to talk about her remarkable life and the organisation she set up, Women for Women International, which has helped more than 153,000 women in nine countries including Afghanistan, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Iraq.
Zainab Salbi was honoured by President Bill Clinton in 1995 for her humanitarian work and was elected as a Young Global Leader in 2007 by the World Economic Forum in Davos.