Insight with Stuart Tootal: Afghanistan

Talk Wednesday 9th September, 2009

Stuart Tootal will be at the Frontline Club to discuss his new book, Danger Close, a fascinating portrayal of his command of 3 Para and the conflict in Afghanistan.
Awarded a Distinguished Service Order (DSO) and tipped to become a future head of the Army, Stuart Tootal’s resignation in 2007 shocked his senior commanders.
The book is a candid account of his command of 3 Para, the first British Battle Group to enter the province of Helmand in 2006. Examining what it means to lead soldiers in battle, the former commander offers unique insight into military strategy and the key decisions that were taken, such as the decision to move north and to set up platoon houses. 
But Stuart Tootal also captures the essence of the fighting at the sharp end, examining the impact of fear and loss amongst his soldiers and their families, including interviews with over 100 soldiers held after he left his command.
Now employed in the city and a respected defence commentator, Stuart Tootal also discusses the nature of the military covenant, the treatment of those wounded in the conflict, and lack of  equipment.
Join us at the Frontline Club to hear a senior commander’s account of the war in Afghanistan.

Danger Close is published by John Murray on 20 August
Photograph: Captain Nick French