Insight with Sir Malcolm Rifkind MP: Is British Foreign Policy under Tony Blair Failing?

Talk Wednesday 16th May, 2007

Former Conservative Defence and Foreign Secretary Sir Malcolm Rifkind MP talks about British foreign policy and the military under Tony Blair.

Conservative MP for Kensington and Chelsea, Mr Rifkind became a politician in 1970, when he fought his first parliamentary campaign.

From 1970-74 he was a local councillor in Edinburgh. In 1974 he was elected as MP for Pentlands and represented that constituency until 1997.

His political career developed rapidly. He was on the Conservative front bench by 1975. He became a member of the Cabinet in 1986 as Secretary of State for Scotland.

In 1990 he became Minister of Transport and two years later – Secretary of State for Defence.

From 1995-97 Mr Rifkind was Foreign Secretary. He was one of only four ministers to serve throughout the Thatcher and Major eras.

In 1997 he was knighted in recognition of his public service.

Paul Wood – BBC Defence Correspondent.