Insight with Sir Jeremy Greenstock – Britain’s position in the world

Talk 28 November 2007

London’s former ambassador to the UN and the first British envoy to Iraq talks about British foreign policy in the new world order.

Sir Jeremy Greenstock was a British diplomat between 1969 and 2004, serving in Paris, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Washington DC and New York.

He is a critic of the US and British approach to the war in Iraq and argues for a more calibrated approach towards the trans-Atlantic special relationship.

Greenstock sees terrorism as one a leading international issue which will remain in sharp focus for years to come.

He also believes, however, that issues such as nationalism, competition over energy resources, migration, natural disasters and nuclear weapons will continue to dominate world politics.

What should the role of Britain be in the years to come?

Moderated by Yahia Said – Director, Middle East Revenue Watch at the LSE .