Insight with Sean Langan: Tales of the Taliban and Other Stories

Talk Friday 30th January, 2009

Sean Langan is a British journalist and documentary film-maker and has made a name for himself by making video-diary style films in dangerous and volatile situations, from Latin America to Zimbabwe. Most recently, he’s made a name for himself with his films Fighting the Taliban and Meeting the Taliban in Afghanistan. In 2008 he was kidnapped while filming in the Afghanistan-Pakistan border region and freed three months later after his family had negotiated his release.

Sam Kiley is an award-winning foreign correspondent who has covered wars and insurgencies, of one kind or another, for the last 18 years in over 30 countries. He worked in print for many years before moving on to make television documentaries for Channel Four, BBC2, and Sky One. He has just returned from six months in Helmand and is writing a book about the British war in Afghanistan for Bloomsbury.