Insight with Sarah Chayes: Afghanistan after the War on Terror

Talk Tuesday 20th March, 2007

Former US National Public Radio reporter Sarah Chayes talks to Christina Lamb about Afghanistan during the US-led invasion and what happened to the country after most of the troops and journalists left.

In 2001 Sarah Chayes was in Paris, sending reports to the US from France’s food frontline and chronicling how bakeries were morphing into fast-food joints.

But when the war in Afghanistan broke, she convinced her editors in Washington that she was the one to go to cover it.

Chayes did not just cover the war, she stayed behind to witness the short peace, followed by more conflict and corruption. She still lives in Afghanistan.

Sarah Chayes was awarded the Foreign Press Club award for her news reportage and won a Chutzpah Award from Oprah Winfrey. She is the author of The Punishment of Virtue.

Christina Lamb is the award winning Sunday Times foreign correspondent and author of the Sewing Circles of Herat.