CANCELLED Insight with Rana Husseini


Each year 5,000 girls and women around the world are killed by male relatives as a means of purging a family of shame  brought upon it by the behavior of his sister, daughter, wife or mother.
In journalist Rana Husseini’s homeland of Jordan, 25 women are murdered each year and many more spend their life in prison as the authorities have no other way of guaranteeing that their family would not kill them if they are set free.
Common in many traditional societies and in migrant communities in Europe and the United States, honour killings and other punishments are carried out to restore the honour of a family
The so-called crimes that require ‘cleansing’ can range from a suspected affair to refusing to marry a man chosen for her.
Despite the taboo surrounding the issue, the award winning journalist Rana Husseini has been writing about ‘honour killings’  since joining the Jordan Times in 1994. In 1998 she was awarded a Reebok Award for Human Rights and her persistence in covering this issue has brought an otherwise ignored subject into the public arena in Jordan.

This event is chaired by Ramita Navaï a reporter for Channel 4’s Unreported World who recently travelled to investigate honour killings in Turkey, where they have now reached record levels.