Insight with Matt Frei: US Elections special – FULLY BOOKED

Talk Wednesday 21st May, 2008

As the race for the US elections continues to attract world attention, Matt Frei, BBC Washington correspondent, explains the intricacies of the election process and gives us his views on the remaining candidates.

Matt Frei has been the BBC’s Washington Correspondent since 2002 reporting on major events including hurricane Katrina and the 2004 Presidential election. Prior to that he was the BBC’s Asia correspondent based in Singapore and Hong Kong and from 1992 to 1996 he was BBC Southern Europe correspondent in Rome.

He has witnessed many dramatic events including the fall of Berlin Wall and reported on the intifada and the Gulf War as the London foreign affairs correspondent.

He is currently the main presenter of BBC World News America and has just published a book called Only in America.

Moderated by Jonathan Rugman who is the Diplomatic Correspondent for C4 News. His varied beat includes foreign policy, Iran, Iraq, Europe and the Middle East. As Washington correspondent he covered US Presidential and mid-term elections and Hurricane Katrina, along with films from Venezuela, Bolivia and Mexico.