Insight with Jeremy Bowen: Six days; forty years on; how many more decades of conflict?

Talk Wednesday 13th June, 2007

The veteran BBC correspondent talks to Sheila MacVicar of CBS about the war that reshaped the Middle East in just six days and how forty years on it is still defining the region. Jeremy says “to understand what is happening between Israel and the Palestinians now, you have to understand what happened in the Middle East war of 1967.”

Jeremy Bowen was appointed the BBC’s first Middle East Editor in June 2005. He is currently based in London and travels extensively throughout the region. He became the BBC Middle East correspondent in 1995 and was based in Jerusalem until 2000.

He has reported from more than 70 countries, covering conflicts in the Gulf, El Salvador, Lebanon, the West Bank, Afghanistan, Croatia, Bosnia, Chechnya, Somalia and Rwanda.