Insight with Gary Younge: Who are we – and should it matter?

Talk June 29, 2010 7:00 PM

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"The problem is not that diversity exists, it is what we choose to make of it. In short, do we understand our various identities as being an integral part of our common humanity or as something separate, above and beyond it?"

How does the way we see ourselves affect our lives? Why do certain identities confer powers and privileges that others do not? In his latest book, Who Are We – and Should it Matter in the 21st Century? Guardian US correspondent Gary Younge argues that identity is core to the way people think about everything from international terrorism to immigration, crime and military occupations.

Gary Younge will be at the Frontline Club in conversation with Afua Hirsch, Guardian legal affairs correspondent to discuss his book, which weaves together memoir and analysis, taking in Sarah Palin, Tiger Woods and the Danish cartoon controversy and calls for the differences between us to be talked about "properly".