Insight with David Pratt: Inside the Intifada

Talk Wednesday 28th March, 2007

Award-winning foreign correspondent and film-maker, David Pratt, talks to Charles Glass about the origins of the Intifada, the key players in the Palestinian resistance and issues that continue to fuel the anger.

David Pratt has been a foreign correspondent and photojournalist specialising in the Middle East and the Arab and Islamic worlds for more than 20 years. He has worked for Reuters, the Institute of War and Peace Reporting (IWPR) and is a regular contributor to the BBC. He has twice been a finalist for the Amnesty International Media Awards for his reporting on human rights issues.

David Pratt is currently the Foreign Editor of the Sunday Herald. He is also the author of Intifada: The Long Day of Rage.

Charles Glass is a freelance writer and broadcaster. He is the author of Tribes with Flags and Money for Old Rope, The Tribes Triumphant and The Northern Front. He has lived in Lebanon and covered both the intifadahs in Palestine – the first for ABC News and the second for his book The Tribes Triumphant.