Insight with David Loyn: Afghanistan – 200 Years of Intervention

Talk Thursday 9th October, 2008

Afghanistan has been a strategic prize for foreign empires for more than 200 years. The British, Russians and Americans have all fought across its beautiful and inhospitable terrain, in conflicts variously ruthless, misguided and bloody. A century ago, the common sneer about how British soldiers treated Afghan tribesmen was that they would ‘butcher’ them, then ‘bolt’. This violent history is the subject of David Loyn’s book.

David Loyn is the BBC’s Developing World Correspondent with extensive experience in Afghanistan. His first book, Frontline was shortlisted for the Orwell Prize in 2006. Butcher and Bolt is a history of foreign engagement in Afghanistan beginning with the first British mission 200 years ago.

Saul David is the author of many critically-acclaimed history books, including The Indian Mutiny, Zulu and Victoria’s Wars.  He was recently appointed Professor of War Studies at the University of Buckingham, and in 2009 will supervise a London-based MA in Military History. He is also an experienced broadcaster and has presented and appeared in history programmes on all the major TV channels.