Insight with Christina Lamb – the Flak Jacket in my Wardrobe – covering stories from Pakistan to Zimbabwe – FULLY BOOKED

Talk Tuesday 29th January, 2008

Award-winning journalist Christina Lamb talks about 20 years of reporting on wars, politics, famines and dictators.

Since leaving England at the age of 21 with an invitation to a Karachi wedding and a yearning for adventure, Lamb has spent 20 years living out of a suitcase, reporting from around the world and becoming one of Britain’s most highly regarded journalists. She has won numerous awards including being named Foreign Correspondent of the Year five times.

Lamb’s journalism has appeared in The Sunday Times, Sunday Telegraph and Financial Times, amongst others.

She is the author of The Africa House, The Sewing Circles of Heart, Waiting for Allah and most recently Small Wars Permitting.

Moderated by Kylie Morris – Presenter, More 4 News.