Insight with Charles Glass: Americans in Paris

Talk Tuesday 24th March, 2009

Charles Glass provides an exciting, fast-paced and elegantly written saga of the moral contradictions faced by Americans in Paris during France’s most dangerous years.

His discovery of letters, diaries, war documents and police files shows as no book before has how American expatriates were trapped in a web of intrigue, collaboration and courage. This is an unforgettable tale of treachery by some, cowardice by others and unparalleled bravery by a few.

Allan Massie is the renowned author of a trilogy of novels about four brothers set during the Second World War: A Question of Loyalties (1989), The Sins of the Father (1991) and Shadows of Empire (1997). His latest novel is the third in a further trilogy comprising of The Evening of the World: A Romance of the Dark Ages (2001), set during the fifth century A.D; Arthur the King (2003); and Charlemagne and Roland (2007)