Insight with Boris Berezovsky: Putting one over Putin

Talk Wednesday 6th June, 2007

Boris Berezovsky, the Russian dissident-businessman, expands on his claims that he is plotting a coup against President Vladimir Putin.

The controversial oligarch once again strained UK-Russian relations after recently claiming in an interview with The Guardian that he is scheming to topple Putin.

Berezovsky’s links to the poisoned Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko and his campaign against Putin, a man he once supported, has made him persona non grata in Russia, where he stands accused of fraud and corruption.

Russia has been demanding his extradition to face trial for several years. So far Britain has refused on the basis that he would not get a fair trial in his home country. 

Is Berezovsky victim or villain?

Allan Little is the BBC’s Foreign Affairs Correspondent. He has also served as the BBC’s former Yugoslavia, Moscow, South Africa and Africa correspondent.

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