Insight with Alan Johnston: “being buried alive” – surviving a kidnapping – FULLY BOOKED

Talk 2 November 2007

BBC Gaza correspondent Alan Johnston, who spent 114 days in captivity and was released after an unprecedented international media campaign, talks to John Owen about his ordeal and life after the kidnapping.

The only international correspondent working in the lawless Gaza Strip, Alan Johnston was kidnapped on his way home from his Gaza City office last March.

It was the longest kidnapping of a western journalist in Gaza in recent history. With unprecedented media support, including protests by many local journalists, as well as the help of the international community and Hamas in Gaza, Johnston was released unharmed 114 days later. He described his captivity as ‘being buried alive’.

This is one of the fist public appearances Alan has made since the end of the kidnapping.

Moderated by John Owen – Frontline Forum Chairman and honorary visiting professor at the School of Journalism at City University.