Holocaust Memorial Day Screening: KZ

Screening Sunday 27th January, 2008

Director Rex Bloomstein’s multi-award winning documentary on the Mauthausen concentration camp strips away the usual dramatic devices, survivor testimonies and archive footage of conventional holocaust films in order to unlock the dark secrets of a small, picturesque Austrian mountain town.

Filmed inside the old camp and the nearby town, KZ observes tourists in the camp’s museum and dips into the lives of the townsfolk of Mauthausen to ask how they feel about the history of the place they call home.

Critically acclaimed and hailed as a contemporary yet timeless piece on life’s horrors, KZ is a documentary about facing up to life’s ultimate demons.

Rex Bloomstein has been a documentary maker for over 30 years and has won numerous accolades including two British Academy Awards for his film Strangeways.

‘If it weren’t true you simply wouldn’t believe it…an impressively calm documentary.’Evening Standard

Director: Rex Bloomstein
Executive Producer: Tony Tabatznik
Length: 95 mins