In The Picture: Gary Knight

Talk Monday 5th March, 2007

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In the Picture with Gary Knight and Newsweek’s Chief Foreign Correspondent Rod Nordland – Darfur, War without End

Gary Knight, co-founder of the VII photo agency, and Newsweek‘s Chief Foreign Correspondent Rod Nordland have just returned from Darfur and speak about a country in meltdown and the incredible human suffering in the region.


Fatima Hussain, 36, photographed in Al Salam Refugee Camp at Al Fasher in North Darfur, was gang raped in early December 2006 by about 15 men from the Janjaweed and Sudanese Army in her village, Abu Sakim, also in North Darfur. Four women from her family were raped during the same incident, which was reported to the authorities. No action has been taken.


An aerial photograph of burned and abandoned villages in North Darfur.


South African soldiers of the African Union patrol Northern Darfur. The soldiers’ commander believes that 3,000 men would be required to successfully patrol this area, which has no paved roads and is the size of the Benelux countries. He has 500 at his disposal.