FULLY BOOKED – Preview Screening: Cambodia Dreams

Screening Thursday 18th September, 2008

Eighteen years in the making, Cambodia Dreams is the stunning documentary by Stanley Harper about a Cambodian family divided by the proxy war that ravaged the country in the 1970’s and led to civil war and revolution.

It chronicles the parallel lives of the family, half of whom went to one of the refugee camps in Thailand while the other half remained on their village in Cambodia.
A seemingly simple story is crafted with delicate minimalism and enriched by the family’s matriarch Yan Chheing, who has an extraordinary grasp of the complex issues involved. Despite being trapped in a refugee camp for twelve wasted years, the former rice farmer still refuses to become a victim.

Director Stanley Harper allows the story to unfold at its own pace – resulting in a film that has astounding depth and emotion.

“I think it’s one of the most important documentary films ever made. Everyone who sees it is stunned by its emotional appeal” – Philip Jones Griffiths

Director: Stanley Harper
Length: 65 mins

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