FULLY BOOKED – Feature Film Screening: Shake Hands With the Devil

Screening Friday 12th September, 2008

Shake Hands with the Devil is the story of Canadian commander, General Romeo Dallaire, torn between his duty and his conscience when he finds himself eyewitness to hell on earth, leading the UN peacekeeping mission during the Rwandan genocide of 1993. It is based on Dallaire’s award winning book and directed by Roger Spottiswoode.
Using the actual locations in Rwanda where Dallaire and his men were stationed, Shake Hands With the Devil is an intimate portrayal of a man coping with an impossible task in one of the most hopeless situations imaginable.

Roy Dupuis who plays the general gives an excellent portrayal of a complex, workaholic and dedicated commander, who blamed himself for being unable to stop the slaughter. It is a sensitive performancel of the man’s battle with the impossibility of his task and the consequences he could never forget.

Following the screening director Roger Spottiswoode will take part in a Q&A with Club Chairman John Owen. Spottiswoode is the director of many feature films, including “Under Fire” (1982), with Nick Nolte and Gene Hackman as journalists in Nicaragua; the Bond film “Tomorrow Never Dies”; and “Hiroshima”. After many years in Hollywood, Spottiswoode now divides his time between London and New York, and is currently working on a feature documentary in Rwanda on forgiveness and justice.

Length: 112 mins