Frontline Confidential with Paola Monzini: Sold into Sex Slavery

Talk Tuesday 17th April, 2007

Author of Sex Traffic: Prostitution, Crime and Exploitation, Paola Monzini talks to Margaret Renn about the sex trade and why it is so difficult to curtail.

Monzini, a researcher and academic, has been specialising in crime and the trafficking of people and contraband for many years.

She worked for three years countering human trafficking for UNICRI in Rome and has traveled to the Philippines, Poland and the Czech Republic to investigate cases of women sold as sex slaves.

In her book, Monzini relates gripping personal stories and uncovers the complexity and infrastructure of the sex trade.

Margaret Renn is a freelance radio journalist. She worked as a researcher for the investigative journalist Paul Foot and later for the BBC’s Rough Justice programme. She also made a TV series called Trial by Jury

Since 2000, Renn has been working as a freelance radio producer, making investigative programmes on issues such as corruption and social history.

She has also made a series called The Body Trade for the BBC World Service, which includes two programmes about human trafficking.

This event is organised in association with the Centre for Investigative Journalism.