Frontline Club Networking Party in association with Demotix

October 19, 2010 7:00 PM

Join us for this special networking party in association with Demotix. We’re inviting Frontline Club and Demotix members, guests and friends to meet new people, network and enjoy some complimentary drinks and good conversation.

Demotix has grown exponentially since its launch in January 2009 reaching the quarter million image mark in July of this year. Turi Munthe, CEO of Demotix, will be with us to discuss what comes next for this organisation founded on the principles of freedom of speech and freedom of information.

The Frontline Club’s networking parties are a unique opportunity for current members, friends and guests to enjoy the atmosphere of the Frontline Club, learn about its activities and join the community.





Drinks served courtesy of Chivas Regal and Beefeater Gin between 7pm and 9pm.