Frontline Club live – Making it pay


Live tonight from the Frontline Club, 7.30pm UK time. A debate about the economic model for online newspapers. Follow the livestream here. More information below,
UPDATE: Here’s the recording of this event. And here are some images.

As the internet fast becomes the dominant medium for news delivery, we look at the relationships between print and their online identities. How do traditional media remain relevant? What are some of the business models for solving the internet equation? How will papers continue to make content pay and how do they cope with a “promiscuous readership”? What is the relevance of multi media and add-ons? And who has solved the internet equation and do we believe them?
Matt Wells is head of audio at The Guardian and presenter of the Media Talk podcast. He joined the Guardian in 1999 as a reporter, became media correspondent in 2000, and edited Media Guardian from 2004 to 2007. He previously worked at the Edinburgh Evening News and the Scotsman.
Ian Douglas is head of digital production at The Telegraph and writes about technology, science and the internet.
Paul Staines is a political blogger. Writer of the pseudonymous Guido Fawkes blog of parliamentary plots, rumours & conspiracy”,which has around 79,000 visitors per month, his political blog has been described as “one of Britain’s leading political blogsites”.
Peter Kirwan is blogger of Media Money at Press Gazette. Since 2003, he has been experimenting with the Long Tail at Fullrun, a subscription-based site that focuses on the relationship between media, marketing and the technology industry. Previously, he was publisher and editor of Computing.
Ben Hammersley is a British journalist, broadcaster and technologist currently based between London and Florence. As a journalist, he is currently working as a freelance foreign reporter for the UK arm of MSN and the BBC: he previously worked as the first internet reporter for The Times and as a reporter for The Guardian.