Frontline Club Presents World News at Sunday Papers Live

Talk Sunday 30 November 2014


We are very excited to once again be presenting the World News section at this month’s Sunday Papers Live. This day-long event features poets, politicians, musicians, actors and writers covering all the sections of your Sunday paper: travel, world news, style, gardening, sport, business, culture and more.

For the World News section this month we will be focusing on Syria.

The fight for Syria is now framed in the context of the battle against ISIS and as such the people of Syria are often forgotten. We will be bringing together two journalists who have covered this conflict and the plight of the people of Syria. They will be talking about what life is like for Syrians who have remained and for those who have fled, and their dreams for the future of their country.

With: James Longman, BBC foreign news producer and Lindsey Hilsum, Channel 4 News international editor.