Frontline Club at Wilderness Festival – Reporting the Israeli–Palestinian Conflict

Talk Friday 8 August 2014, 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM


This summer the Frontline Club is heading to Wilderness Festival – we hope to see you all there.

Just a few months ago Palestinians might have had reason to be cautiously optimistic as rivals Fatah and Hamas formed a unity government. But when in mid-June three Israeli teenagers were killed and violence between Hamas and Israel began to escalate, any glimmer of hope for progress was soon diminished.

What we have seen since is the horrific consequence of yet another escalation in the Israeli–Palestinian conflict and as always those who pay the dearest price are ordinary people, many of them children.

At Wilderness Festival the Frontline Club will be bringing together a panel of journalists who have covered the conflict, to shed light on what has been happening on the ground. They will be discussing how this latest escalation is different from those we have seen in the past and the perils of reporting this age-old conflict.

Chaired by Lindsey Hilsum, international editor at Channel 4 News.


Kim Sengupta, defence and diplomatic correspondent at The Independent.

Anna-Lisa Fuglesang, news editor at Channel 4 News.

Chris Morris, Europe Correspondent for BBC News.