Four Horsemen – The Debate

Talk June 12, 2012 7:00 PM

This film will be followed by a debate with director Ross Ashcroft and others.

Is the Western world reaching an epochal shift? New documentary Four Horsemen argues that it is – and that in order to produce a fairer, less dysfunctional world we need to understand the systems that govern us and begin to question them.

The film presents the many problems we face – “a rampageous financial system, escalating organised violence, abject poverty for billions and a looming environmental fallout”. But what emerges is not a doomsday scenario but the suggestion that although change is urgent, the conditions for it have never been more favourable.

Join us for this special event bringing together the film’s director Ross Ashcroft, co-author of the accompanying book Four Horsemen: The Survival Manual, Mark Braund, contributors and others to map out the argument for change and ask whether we have reached the age of consequence.

Chaired by Phillip Blond, a British political thinker, theologian, philosopher, and director of the think tank ResPublica. He is the author of Red Tory and research fellow at NESTA.


Victoria Chick, Emeritus professor of economics at University College London, where she has taught for nearly 40 years. She has written on the economics of Keynes, money and economic method.

Ross Ashcroft, co-founder of the London based independent production company Motherlode and the website Renegade Economist. Four Horsemen is his feature debut.

Mark Braund, a freelance writer and an economic philosopher. He has a specific interest in the prospects for transformative social change towards a more just, inclusive and sustainable society. He has worked in the private, public and voluntary sectors, and spent three years as an advisor to the government of Mozambique. He also is regular contributor to the Renegade Economist and the Guardian.

Daniel Ben-Ami, journalist and author, he has contributed to numerous national, specialist and international publications. An extended edition of Ferraris For All, his book defending economic progress, has just come out in paperback and on Kindle.