Forgotten Season: Screening – The Other Side of the Country

Screening Wednesday 20th August, 2008

“What do you do when war engulfs you and your government says there is no war?”

Uganda is the setting and the population is the battleground in Catherine Hebert’s carefully conceived film, which shows what it means to live through a war carried out by rebels and played down and drawn out by a complicit government.

Politically crisp and salient, the film captures the realities of war in northern Uganda through the interconnected stories of five people, including: a mother turned activist after her daughter’s abduction; a young girl travelling miles daily looking for a safe place to sleep; a 7 year old boy who moved onto the streets to survive; and an increasingly outspoken and ourageous man whose job takes him to the heart of the war.

The Other Side of the Country is a powerful told through the voices of the people who suffered the most in Northern Uganda.

‘A film as remarkable for its content as its form, turning the spotlight on a people’s suffering and revealing the astonishing level of government inaction’ – La Cote, Switzerland

Director: Catherine Hebert
Length: 83 mins

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