Forgotten Season: Screening – Juarez, City of Dreams

Screening Friday 22nd August, 2008

Situated across the Rio Grande from the US city of El Paso, Texas, Ciudad Juarez is one of the largest border towns on earth with one million desperately poor and maligned inhabitants. Documentary filmmaker Alex Tweddle and cameraman James Buck travel through the city to find out why people flock to the city and what life is like for those living in one of Mexico’s most violent and unstable cities.
People flock to the city daily from inland Mexico, but why so many? To work in the poorly paid US based factories or maquiladoras as they are locally known; to illegally cross the border into the US in search of the American dream; to traffic drugs for the Juarez Cartel, one of Mexico’s most powerful drug gangs; or maybe it’s just to murder!

They say that if you want to rape and murder a young girl and get away with it, then come to Juarez; then this truly will be your ‘City of Dreams.’

Directed by: Alex Tweddle
Produced by: Angry Man Pictures
Length: 50 mins
Year: 2008

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