Forgotten Season: Screening – Deserted: The Story of a Forgotten People – Western Sahara

Screening Monday, 18th August, 2008

Deserted is a series of short films based on different encounters with the forgotten Saharawi people of Western Sahara – a territory in north-west Africa that is subject of a decades long dispute between Morocco and the Algerian backed Polisario Front.
Filmmaker Anna Evans-Freke spent months talking to the Saharawi people gaining an insight into their world and their lives. They share their culture, memories, hopes and fears.

“When I visited the camps it was almost exactly 30 years since the conflict began and I was fascinated in how a people could survive 30 years of exile and uncertainty. I wanted to                                                                                         understand what kept them going                                                                              and why?” – Anna Evans-Freke
Length: 30 mins
Year: 2007

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