Forgotten Season: Premiere Screening – The Path of Most Resistance

Screening Friday 8th August, 2008

Fighting war is a grim business and with major operations ongoing in Afghanistan and Iraq, the US Army isn’t keen to lose any of its recruits. But what happens when a soldier decides they can no longer fight? The Path of Most Resistance tackles the subject of conscientious objection by following two servicemen who applied for objector status. Only one was successful.

Each soldier recounts his own unique experiences and tells the story of his transformation from soldier to pacifist. Their stories are largely unreported and the soldiers often feel abandoned due to their beliefs.

The film follows the efforts of pacifist networks, like the Catholic Workers and the Military Counselling Network – an independent organisation based in Bammental, Germany, and the only organisation of its kind outside the US. It is dedicated to supporting soldiers who choose to apply for CO status.

Is the U.S. military in a crisis, or are conscientious objectors merely a blip on the radar, illustrating a normal shift in attitudes during wartime?

Length: 45 mins
Director: Gareth Keogh
Producer & Camera: Saeed Taji Farouky
Sound & Music: Joe Lewis
Year: 2008