First Wednesday: US midterms – the reckoning and Yemen, what happens next?

Talk November 3, 2010 7:00 PM

November’s First Wednesday will see an expert panel address the top stories of the week. With the results just in, we will be discussing the US midterms and the repercussions of the results.

Following the failed attempt this weekend to plant bombs on cargo planes destined for the US, we will be discussing Yemen, its politics and the response of the US to this latest terrorist threat.

Another opportunity to join in a lively public meeting, hosted by Paddy O’Connell of BBC Radio 4’s Broadcasting House, bringing together experts and commentators and mixing their views with contributions from our audience.


Felicity Spector, chief writer and American politics expert for Channel 4 News;

Dr Thomas D. Grant, chair of Republicans Abroad UK;

Bill Barnard, chair of Democrats Abroad UK;

Abdallah Homouda, Journalist and Yemen specialist;

Ginny Hill, Journalist, Yemen expert and author of Chatham House briefing paper, Yemen: Fear of Failure;

James Brandon, head of research at Quilliam, former journalist who lived in Yemen in 2002 and 2004/5 and worked on both Yemen’s English language newspapers;

Tom Finn, freelance journalist, currently working as a copy editor for the Yemen Times in Sana’a (via online link up).