Film Africa 2011 Screening – Witches of Gambaga

Screening November 7, 2011 7:00 PM

The Witches of Gambaga examines the lives and experiences of a community of 100 women condemned as ‘witches’  in Northern Ghana.

Winner of the 2010 Black International Film Festival best documentary award, the film is an intimate portrait of a group of women ostracised from their communities. Among them is Asana Mahama, who was tortured by her brother who threatened to pluck out her eyes if she didn’t confess to witchcraft.

Told largely by the women themselves, the women’s remarkable stories reveal the suffering of women forced to live as "witches" and their struggle to rebuild their lives in the sanctuary of Gambaga.


Directed by Yaba Badoe 
55 mins

Winner, 2010 Black International Film Festival Best Documentary Award
2nd Prize, Documentaries, FESPACO 2011 



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