#FCBBCA: In conversation with Yosri Fouda – Egypt after Mubarak


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Renowned Arab journalist Yosri Fouda will be joining us for this special event to discuss events in Egypt in the 17 months since the toppling of president Hosni Mubarak and why he decided to suspend his talk show in protest against the efforts by military rulers to stifle free expression.

Fouda, who was¬†editor and presenter of Last Word on Cairo-based ONTV, said there had been “a noticeable deterioration in media freedoms when he announced he would be “indefinitely suspending” his show in October last year.

The influential journalist will be discussing the events that led him to this conclusion in the wake of President Hosni Mubarak’s downfall and discussing how the Egyptian people have responded to the life sentence handed down to Mubarak for complicity in the deaths of protesters and their expectations following the presidential elections.

Yosri Fouda¬†began his career at the BBC’s Arabic-subsidiary and was chief investigative reporter and executive producer for Al Jazeera. He is the co-author of Masterminds of Terror: The Truth Behind the Most Devastating Attack The World Has Ever Seen.

Picture credit: Gigi Ibrahim