Fallujah. Play starring Harriet Walter

Talk Thursday 3rd May, 2007

Frontline Club has 20 tickets to give away for Fallujah – a new play, which reveals the true story of the Fallujah siege.

The siege of Fallujah arguably constitutes one of the most extensive human rights violations of recent times.

US forces bombed schools and hospitals, snipers targeted civilians holding white flags, cut off water and medical supplies, and deployed napalm and white phosphorous both banned by the UN.

Written and directed by Dr Jonathan Holmes, the play draws on research and interviews carried out by the playwright and three times Nobel Prize nominee Dr Scilla Elworthy.

Alongside dramatic reconstruction of news reports and official US government statements, the play incorporates testimony from those at the heart of the siege: Iraqi civilians, clerics, the US military and politicians, journalists, medics and aid workers and the British Army.
None of this testimony has been heard before. 

Starring Harriet Walter.

Jonathan Holmes’ book Fallujah: Eyewitness accounts of the attacks on Iraq’s besieged city is published to coincide with the production.

Booking essential. Tickets allocated to MEMBERS ONLY (plus one guest) on first-come-first-served basis.