THIRD PARTY EVENT: Exhibition of Paintings – War Poets of Today. Correspondents in Conflict

Talk Wednesday 1st April, 2009

Writer, activist and former British Diplomat, Caroline Jaine celebrates the spoken word of the men and women who risk and sometimes sadly lose their lives in a mission to draw attention to violent conflict. Like the British War Poets from the First World War, the work of a correspondent in a conflict zone is testimony to the warfare they experience.  Unlike the War Poets, their modern day cousins provide a voice not just to soldiers, but to everyone caught up in conflict.  A hundred years ago civilian casualties of war represented 5% of the total.  Today the figure is 75%. This collection of dynamic oil portraits has taken years to put together and the expression and imediacy of each piece clearly draws on Caroline’s first hand experience working in Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and Iraq.
War Poets of Today will open at the Frontline Club on 2 April and remain until June.  For media queries please contact  [email protected] or to speak the artist directly call +44(0)7549929931