Double Bill Screening – South Africa: The ANC after Mbeki

Screening Sunday 17th February, 2008

The African National Congress played a leading role in the liberation of South Africa from apartheid, but today the party is in disarray.  Johannesburg based filmmaker Ben Cashdan presents two topical documentaries from South Africa, focussing on the country’s president, Thabo Mbeki and the recent ANC leadership battle, which saw Jacob Zuma elected despite a series of scandals involving alleged rape.

Unauthorised Thabo Mbeki

An uncut biography of Thabo Mbeki, which sparked controversy in South Africa when it was canned by SABC in what was dubbed ‘political interference from the public broadcaster’s management.’

The film takes a critical look at Mbeki’s childhood and leadership style featuring interviews from his mother, Nelson Mandela, Tony Blair, Aids activists and ex ANC colleagues.

Length: 28 mins
Director: Ben Cashdan, 2007

Through the Eye of a Needle

A glimpse behind the scenes of the recent leadership race in South Africa from the perspective of grassroots activities in the Eastern Cape.

Length: 30 mins
Directors: Ben Cashdan and Riaan Hendricks, 2007